Where and when do you meet?
We meet Tuesday night at various locations – our main meeting place is Nelson Skate Park at 6.45pm ready for 7pm start.
On Saturday Mornings we meet at 09:30hrs (Times may vary for further away runs and dependent on everyone’s availability) again locations change to allow us to explore what Wales has to offer – keep an eye on our Facebook Page for meet locations!

Do you cater for all ages and standards?
The membership age profile ranges from 18+ both male and female. New members should be able to run or jog at least 2 or 3 miles even if at a slow pace (But not essential). On a Tuesday we usually split into 2 groups one going a little slower than the other or on occasion it will be a technical session teaching members how to run uphill, downhill, kit selection etc so something different to your average clubs in the area. 
The nature of the session is to build your confidence and strength on the trails. There will be faster runners but there will also be slower runners, there is a very social atmosphere and it is not taken too seriously if you are struggling to perform, its about your enjoyment. 
When you come along for your first club run we want you to enjoy it enough to want to join us regularly.
How fast and how far do you run?
On Tuesday night the training groups run from 2 to 10 miles but there are always opportunities along the way to take short cuts or double back if you have a problem and need to cut your run short. The pace is not important, its more about you enjoying the environment, speed will come later when your more confident – we will not push you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. 

Will I get left behind or lost?
No definitely not! Because of the ranges of the pace within the training groups the runners can become a little strung out as we run and so we stop to re-group regularly with the faster members running back. Special attention is paid to new members as we are aware that they will probably not know the route.
I would like to join you for a trail run, what do I do?
You can contact us via our Facebook Page or email: - [email protected] where we will be able to advise you when to come down and as to what the club is doing at the present moment in time. The club coaches will greet you and chat with you to advise you on which training groups will best suit you. It’s important to us that new people are made to feel welcome and enjoy their first run as much as they do every run.
Do I need Trail Trainers?
Trail Trainers will certainly help when we run on trails and mountain tracks, however they are not essential for some of our runs as long as you have good grips on you normal trainers, for more technical routes trail trainers will be required, but the coaches can advise as and when they will be needed.